Jason Allen, the Environmental Urbanist, is a city builder and community leader with a deep love of the outdoors. As the host of The Environmental Urbanist on 93.3 CFMU radio, Jason has shared the stories and knowledge of hundreds of scientists, naturalist, gardeners, farmers, urban planners and engaged citizens with people keen to learn more about the intersection of cities and climate change.

Jason is also an Adult Education professional certified in both advanced facilitation techniques and adult learning design.  With the combination of these two skill sets, he develops fun, engaging, challenging and rewarding programs for adults and youth alike. Since 2008, Jason has been leading young people into a better experience in the woods, using a combination of story telling, science education and adventure to instill a deep love of nature – and a desire to preserve it – in children.

Jason Allen has been camping and hiking since he could walk and has visited some of the most beautiful natural spaces in North America. As a storyteller he believes in the power of stories to educate us, move us and inspire us to take action to preserve the only home humanity will ever have.