What I Do

The Environmental Urbanist has a number of ways to help you get in better touch with nature and the environment, and to experience all of the mental health and stress reducing benefits of spending time outdoors.

Environmental Urbanism Talks
A series of lectures on how cities and climate change intersect, and how cities can, and must be part of the climate change solution.

Guided Hikes
These guided nature walks in and around Hamilton will help you learn the stories, history and ecology of natural spaces in Hamilton.  Look for these as COVID restrictions lift.

Corporate Team Building Exercises
Jason’s “One Match Fire” team building exercise is an afternoon program that will teach your corporate or leadership team to come together and learn about problem solving, ecology, conservation, and the science of lighting a fire with one match. This program will help your team to experience the mental health benefits of being in nature, and to connect to each other.

Woodcraft Canada
Jason is one of the founders of this environmental program for youth aged 9-14.  Featuring a blend of outdoor education, teaching youth to respect diversity, and helping them to find their voice on social justice causes, this program meets once a week during the school year in Hamilton.

The Environmental Urbanist
This half hour radio show broadcasts Tuesdays at 1:00 pm on 93.3 FM in southwest Ontario, and online anywhere at cfmu.ca.  It can also be listened to as a podcast on your favourite podcasting platforms, or by going here.

Environmental Urbanist Newsletter
Once a month I explore issues around climate change and cities, and the latest in news from around the world.  Sign up here.