One Match Fire

After the events of the past few years, many people have spent so much time connecting via the virtual world that there is a real desire to reconnect to the physical world.  There is no place better to do this than in nature.

The One Match Fire program combines the recharging experience of being in the woods   with learning a new and useful skill:  How to source natural materials, establish a proper fire lay, and then light the fire using only one match. Based on a mock survival setting, the program teaches the importance of everyone contributing in the best way they are able, and the whole becoming more than the sum of its parts.

Based on Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development theory (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing) the exercise includes not only vital learning about cooperation when outdoors, especially in a survival setting, but the debrief will also help to identify when the group was in each of these stages, and how they can move more quickly to Performing when faced with a new task or change in roles.

The program includes an introduction, a discussion of the philosophy of One Match Fires, a walk in the woods, the challenge, and then a debrief.  Participants should wear sturdy shoes, dress for the weather, and bring a reusable water bottle. The end of the program will feature SMORES or Smokies over the fire they have lit.

Please click the contact link for how to contact Jason to learn more about this program, including locations near you and further program details.