Environmental Urbanist Talks

Jason has a number of pre-prepared lectures on environmental topics that can be delivered via Zoom, or in person when conditions permit, to any location within a reasonable drive or train trip of Southern Ontario.

Talks include:

Lost in the Woods: Jason will describe the latest research on the importance of young people spending time in the woods. He will also share his most meaningful stories of over a decade spent exposing young people to nature, and the impact that has on them throughout their lives.

Green in the City: Jason will explore the importance of green space in our urban settings, and its impact on the health and well being of residents. Jason will also discuss issues around who has access to green space, and how those decisions are often made at a municipal level.

Finding your Place: Jason will introduce participants to the idea of ecological zones, and how to determine which zone you are in, what will grow best there, and what the unique native, threatened, and invasive species make your zone their home.

For a taste of what Jason is like as a presenter, check out this presentation on how to attract birds to your garden for Green Venture’s Seedy Saturday event.

Custom and one time talks are available upon request.